Data and privacy

Our data privacy policy sets out how we handle personal data. We are aware of the importance to users of how personal data are handled and we assure you that we observe all relevant legal requirements. We consider the protection of your privacy to be of paramount importance. Please also see our Cookie Policy.

How do I access and download my data?

You can access and download your data.

Access or Download

How do I rectify my data?

If your personal data is incorrect or no longer up to date, you can correct it.

Rectify data

How do I delete my data?

You can delete your data.

Delete data (You will lose your progress)

How do I revoke consent to our data usage?

You can revoke your consent to us managing your data.

Revoke consent (You will lose your progress)

How do I Prevent my data from being sold? (California Consumer Privacy Act)

You can request us not to sell your Personal Information

Delete my Personal Information (You will lose your progress)